Frequently Asked Questions

Who Pays for these services ?
The client is ultimately responsible for all costs. If you have been approved for Insurance coverage, or Worker’s Compensation, we will send our invoice for services to the appropriate coverage provider.
Veterans Affairs Canada Health Identification Cards accepted.

What is the difference between a Home Support Worker (HSW) and a Personal Support Worker (PSW)?
A Home Support Worker provides light housekeeping, prepares meals, can do laundry, etc.

A Personal Support Worker takes care of personal needs: bathing, toileting, transfers, etc.

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Is a Home Assessment really necessary ?
Yes it is. It helps us to assess exactly what your needs are and to provide vital information about your specific needs to our service providers. All assessments are done by our Registered Practical Nurse to ensure that if Personal Care is needed, we know exactly what the client needs are.

My Mom and Dad need help for just a few hours a week. Is this something you can help us with?
Absolutely! Our home assessment will be done by our Registered Practical Nurse to determine what kind of care is needed and we will provide the appropriate service based on what is required and requested by the family.

I am a Canadian Veteran, do you accept VAC Health Identification Cards?
Yes, Veterans Affairs Canada Health Identification Cards are accepted.

My Dad only needs assistance with having his lunch prepared a couple times per week. It would also be nice to have the kitchen and bathroom cleaned on a weekly basis as well. Are your providers able to help him?
Of course! Our Home Support Workers have lots of experience with all of these needs. Times can be scheduled around the lunch period with general cleaning tied in afterward.

Where can I find out more about Home Care in general?
The Ontario Home Care Association has a great website that will provide you with general information about home care as well as links to other related resources.